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Super Bowl City. A place where you can get $10 Budweisers, listen to Alicia Keys perform, and stand in front of a giant "5-0" to show that you were in the Bay Area for the biggest football game of the year. It's the ideal place for fans to congregate and unify in praise of the sport they love.

No plaid shirts. Hipsters need not apply.

No plaid shirts. Hipsters need not apply.

After waiting for half an hour waiting in a wide line on Market flanked by local police armed with automatic weapons, I arrived to find the most orderly escape from everyday life. There was no pushing or shoving; everyone waited patiently in lines for their beer or to take photos. In a certain way, it felt like the attendees were able to, for the first time in a while, exhale without worrying about bills or health issues, the oncoming election or the wars going on abroad. The sun shined, the music blared, and the people smiled everywhere. The event wasn't something synonymous with San Francisco, but the mood definitely was.

Oh yeah, and there was a Puppy Bowl too.

Rich Winslow