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Cold Peaks

With the clearest evening sky of the past several months, I decided to head up to Twin Peaks on Sunday to try and take some landscape shots. Lacking a tripod, I brought a towel to roll up and support my camera on one of the many short walls around. For about an hour I played around with my settings. Aperture, shutter time, position on the rolled up towel. As I waited for the sun to set, I helped a few couples take photos that their outstretched arms couldn't manage. I wondered what they assumed when they saw me playing with my camera's switches and dials. Whether they saw an amateur or not, I was happy to help.

It got much colder and much windier than I thought it would. And fast, too. It got harder and harder to maintain my dexterity to do anything other than press the shutter button on the camera. After about 30-40 shots, I decided to pack up and head home to see what I got. The small display on the back doesn't really do the camera's sensor justice. I was happy with a few of them and frustrated with many others. One in particular did a great job capturing long trails of light from cars driving up to the peaks. Upon closer investigation, it was clear what effect the wind had on the image.

I need to get a tripod.

Thanks wind...

Thanks wind...

Rich Winslow